Belle by Sigerson Morrison Woman Easter Twisted Leather Slides Light Size 85 kMpZ6eel

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Woman Easter Twisted Leather Slides Light Size 8.5 kMpZ6eel
Belle by Sigerson Morrison Woman Easter Twisted Leather Slides Light Size 8.5
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Brettuns Village Trunk Shop

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Brettuns Village Trunk Shop

Purchase trunk replacement parts Before you can nail on those nice leather handles, you'll probably have to remove some old parts. Be very careful when you do this. There's a right way and a not-so-right way. If you just yank out the old nails by the heads you'll bring lots of wood pieces out at the same time. Pry out the ends from inside the trunk, then tap them out gently. If you mess up the wood we'll notice it when you invite us over for a cup of joe, and we'll just have to rib you about it. Read the rest of this page before you make a big mess of things. Also, a quick note to those of you who decide that the correct way to go about this trunk rehab project is to remove each and every part from the trunk so that you can, well, we're not really sure what you plan to do but one thing's for sure, you're going to dismantle the entire thing. Please keep the following in mind: Removing parts is very tough on the wood, and then you have to get your new nails to go back through the same holes they were in before, but since you yanked them out the old nail holes now look like the Holland Tunnel and you wonder when the state will build a tollbooth in front of each and every one of them. Best to leave the parts in place to the greatest extent possible. Still, some things just flat out have to be removed, like those things that hold the handles in place. Here's what you need to know:

Removing Old Handles and Parts

This can be a delicate operation - you need to get the old trunk handle end caps off, then the left over ends of the old leather handles as well. Curses! Those old nails are really stuck in there! It's time to get your hands on some tools. There are two basic trunk tools that you can't be without if you're going to succeed in funding your retirement by fixing up smelly old things (trunks, not the Widow Pontbriand cross town).

First essential tool is a good pair of end nippers. These are sort of like pliers, only they have wide cutting edges on them that allow you to get right in close to the wood of the trunk. Handy for cutting off old nail heads or ends, and especially handy for getting a grip on old nail heads and yanking them out.

Second essential tool is a good prying tool. Don't let me catch you with a crowbar anywhere near that trunk, not even a miniature crowbar. Might as well run your trunk through the chipper if that's the tool you plan on using. Nope, you need a prying tool. Has a handle like a screwdriver, and a little forked end just right for lifting end caps, nail heads, etc right out of the trunk. Around the shop we call this gem a Tack Jacker. Do we sell these tools? Of course we do. Click here .

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