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Skipping the Grind

Short on time and need some serious cash in GTA Online? With the online feature expanding in scope and content and if you need a quick cash boost, you can do so with the cheap deals on the GTA online shark cards below. They come in different amounts, but the more you spend, technically the better value you're getting dollarwise - plus you will be saving some serious cash with the discount on these shark cards.

Previously we compared deals for the shark cards value on the PC, but we've now also added two Shark Card deals for the PS4 and Xbox One console version. While there are various denomination avabilel, the best (and most frequently avaialble) deal for the console are the Great White Shark Cards valued at $1,250,000 in-game currency.

Winter Sale is now over so the deals below are the best online right now for GTA Shark Cards. Surprisingly, the Xbox One version of the Great White card is now even cheaper than prices during the holiday season. If the deal is OOS by the time you check, generally there are alternatives available from other sellers. For the PC, the Shark Cards are rather pricey right now so your best bet is to wait and hold.

Cheap GTAOnline Shark Cards(Xbox One/PS4)

Cheap GTAOnline Shark Cards (PC)

GTAOnline Shark Cards+ Criminial Enterprise Bundle (PC)

What's Included in GTA's Criminal Enterprise Pack?

Introduced relatively recently in late 2017, the Criminial Enterprise Starter Pack is a paid DLC pack for GTA Online. Essentially this is an alternative to buying Shark Cards individually as the pack includes some of the more popular items in GTA Online. You'll currently receive these properties:

Plus $1,000,000 in bonus in-game cash, tons of vehicles, weapons, and more. All totaling in value of about $10 million in GTA Online cash. These items, for new GTA Online players is worth more than a Megalodon pack which has a list price of $99.99. Considering the list price of Criminal Enterprise Pack is $39.99, you're getting good value, particularly since the Criminal Enterprise Pack usually goes on sale for around $30.

All of this is moot, of course, if you don't plan to invest time into GTA Online as the packs, items, and properties are simply not worth much if you're not playing the game much. Call it a cash-grab from Rockstar, but the Criminal Enterprise Packs are essentially a way for new GTA Online players to get into the game without being too behind in the in-game world in terms of access to properties, vehicles, and weapons. The Criminal Enterprise Packs are often sold in bundles with Shark Cards these days, but unlike Shark Cards sales for the bundles are more infrequent. You'll see them automatically reflected on the tables above when they are on sale.

How Much Do GTA Shark Cards Cost?

We'll do a quick rundown on GTA Online's Shark Card list price per each card type (note: what's being sold now are mostly the Megalodon, Whale, and Great White Cards).

Shark Card List Prices

Value Per Shark Card Type:

As you can see buying in bulk pays off in the long run. The best in-game value for your real-world dollars is to buy the Megalodon Shark Card which gets you $8,000,000 in-game for $99.99. This means for ever real world dollar you spend, you get $80,000 in-game currency. Compare that to the mere $33,000 you get for every real world dollar forcheapest Red Shark Card and the difference is obvious. You get even more bang for your buck, in all cases, with the discounts listed above.

Are GTA Online Shark Cards Worth It?

Aren't these Shark Cards just a quick cash grab on the part of Rockstar? Well, the true answer isn't that complicated... of course, they are! That said, there are obviously some good uses for them, especiallyforthe guy who has enough real life moneybut falls behind his friends in the game. This is a chance to catch up - for a price.

Given that in-game money can be earned with enough time, this isn't quiteunder the umbrella of "pay to win" (especially since with enough time, you'll be able to earn millions in-game).The cash cards, of course,are meant for those who don't haveenough time to earn a particular amount but still want to experience select content in the game (e.g. a vehicle that's out of their price range).

Best Shark Card "Bang for Your Buck?"

If you're already committed tobuying some GTA V Shark Cards, make sure you take advantage of the deals above to maximize your real $$$ to in-game $$$ conversion. The best value in our opinion is the Bull Shark Cash Card if you don't want to spend too much.. or if you're oozing money, the Great White Shark Card is also a decent value (short of the best value, the Megalodon Shark Card).

Here's the top three "best value" Shark cards:

Mike Paddock

Don't leave Los Santos without your Shark Card. Skip the GTA V Online grind for money by buying Shark Cash Cards from Rockstar. Current deals will save you a bunch of money on Shark cards. Which is the best value for your money? We break down some of the deals available.

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Away makes the best luggage, especially if you are jetsetting millenial. There's the TSA-approved phone-charging suitcase. There was the Rashida Jones collaboration . And now, Away is expanding its inventory to introduce a new line of travel accessories aptly titled the Plus Ones.

Launching today, March 27, the idea with the Plus One collection—the Everywhere Bag, the Signature Garment Bag, and the Dopp Kit—is that packing for a trip, not just going on it, becomes a lot easier. These are the little extras you need to make yourself look and feel organized and pulled together, even if you just threw everything in a bag two seconds before walking out the door. And almost forgot your passport but thank God you didn't.

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Courtesy of Away

For those who like to live in a compartmentalized world, the Everywhere Bag ($195) has both a laptop sleeve and an umbrella pocket, and fits perfectly on top of your Away Carry-On .

Courtesy of Away
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The Signature Garment Bag ($195) is different from others in a few ways. First off, it's water-resistant, but also it has nifty compartments for shoes, cufflinks and your passport. It's also a little bit structured, so painstakingly pressed clothes won't get totally crumpled in the overhead bin.

Courtesy of Away

The Dopp Kit ($45) is completely waterproof and that's really all a dopp kit needs to be, but there are also handy zips both inside and outside of the pouch, so you can keep makeup separate from toothpaste, or night cream separate from contacts.



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